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Latino Cancer Support Group

On September 19, 2014, Marla Vega and Maria Barrera, co-founder of Morivivi Latino Cancer Support Group, created this group to support Latinas in Philadelphia with a breast cancer diagnosis.


Morivivi became a non-profit organization (501c3) in February 2019, and has since expanded to provide care and support to all people who are diagnosed with any type of cancer.


The group meets monthly in the Philadelphia community, providing emotional support, health education and recreational workshops; developing skills that empower each member to improve their quality of life. Morivivi provides confidential spaces where the cancer patients feels comfortable to share their experiences about cancer.

The group’s goal is to help cancer patients and survivors know their diagnosis, be in control of their treatment, and lead a healthy lifestyle.


The navigators and companions provide support services to latinos, men and women from diferents countries in a cultural sensitive way. They address challenges such as language barriers, that can affect their understanding and participation in their treatment.

Empower Latino cancer patients through education, counseling, and culturally sensitive services and supports

The Group was named Morivivi after the Mimosa Púdica flower known in Puerto Rico as Morivivi (Labs, 2017).

This plant closes its branches when touched, giving the impression that it is lifeless. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, they are afraid of dying, but we know that a timely diagnosis and proper treatment facilitates the possibility of leading a full life just as Morivivi which a time is lifeless reopens its leaves.

Our Team


Marla Vega, M. Ed


    Sara Molina-Robinson, MNPM


    Felix Martín Caballero


    Nancy Porroa


    María E. Metelits


  • Angela Delgado

  • Pamela Alva

  • Claudia Peregrina

  • Marivi Tovar MD

  • María Ulloa

  • Daly Blanco

  • Julio Alva MD

  • Arianne Bracho



    Martín Caballero


    Arianne Bracho


    Julio Alva MD

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